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Wedding Gown Dress-Up

by Rachel Gaetz

In the spirit of mine and Joe's recent anniversary, I did what any totally normal wife would do... which is reexamine wedding memorabilia including our wedding album and my wedding dress. Cece, my fancy seven-year-old was 100 % on board with unboxing my wedding dress and taking it out! I haven't opened or looked at it since it got "preserved" post wedding eight years ago. We extracted all of the poofiness from the box,  got some chip clips to tighten up the back, and Cece had one heck of  a dress up experience!

As I said before, I haven't checked out the dress since we got married. There's still massive rips all over the train from a wild reception, but fortunately all of the spray-on tan got cleaned out! Cece loved the dress... especially since there was "built-in boobs"! (I mean, that's pretty much my favorite feature!) She also told me that she'll just plan on wearing my dress when she gets married so she can save money and not have to spend any on a new dress. I highly doubt that will actually be the case, but who knows? Maybe it will stand the test of time!

This was a pretty special and fun afternoon of dress-up! I can only imagine how weepy I'll be if /when she's grown and gets married!  Love you, Miss Cecelia, you goofball.

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I’m Rachel Gaetz
I’m Rachel Gaetz and I am a creative portrait photographer in the Twin Cities. I am also a busy mom of four and can often be spotted with a coffee in hand, a big messy bun on my head, and a baby on my hip. My goal is to create images that YOU will be obsessed with -- pictures you will be eager to post today as well as cherish decades from now. My business BelleAmiss Photography strives to take the stress out of photo sessions while capturing life's beautiful imperfections. You will leave feeling great about YOU and your photo experience.
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